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Spy on WhatsApp conversation using TrackMyPhone

Do you have a fear that your employee is wasting time on WhatsApp? Is your spouse is using WhatsApp and hiding his or her text conversations? Are you thinking of different ways to find what exactly they are talking? Do you want to lay your eyes on their WhatsApp account? If yes, then TrackMyPhone app lets you to easily spy on their WhatsApp conversations and view all the shared pictures and videos. With the help of this application’s control panel, all the information can be accessed by logging into it.

Spy on WhatsApp conversation using TrackMyPhone

Spy on WhatsApp conversation using TrackMyPhone

What is TrackMyPhone and how to use it for spying WhatsApp

In the present stage of digitalization and technology, everything has got explored at every corner of the world. The world is vast, but still, there are many that are searching for the much better ways of communicating with one another. Today, at present internet is considered one of the best ways for connecting people together which in turn helps them being close to each other hence improving the relationships.

Different social media sites and applications are used by people so that they can connect with each other in a better way. One such way is WhatsApp that is used by millions of people. Every single person is today using this application to chat, share pictures, videos and for video calls. However, when things get extend they often lead to risks and crimes. The increased use of WhatsApp has lead parents, spouse and employers to use applications like TrackMyPhone so that they can keep control over the activities of their kids, spouse, and employees.

About TrackMyPhone

About TrackMyPhone

About TrackMyPhone

Most of us are still not aware of spying and monitoring application as we consider them as a hacking application that is mostly used for crimes. But, for your kind information spying is completely different from hacking. The spying applications as we have talked about TrackMyPhone app is used for the safety of kids and spouses so that they would get indulge in wrong activities. This monitoring application is today used by many people so that they can check where their kid is, with whom he or she is talking and what they are doing.

This spying and monitoring tool is considered useful for parents, spouse, and employers, providing them all the information they want to keep their kids safe. The application is compatible with all devices and offers complete information. Furthermore, the user using this application does not require any special knowledge or skills for using this application.

For using this application you first have to physically access the target device and go to the setting option. Now turn on the unknown sources option so that you can download the APK version of this application. Once you are done with it, now press the given link that is TrackMyPhone.NET for downloading the application. When the application is downloaded you can start the installation process. After this, you have to create a new account by specifying the correct details required for making a new account.

Now login with the account and visit the control panel available with the application. Now you can see all the conversation done between the target person and another person. You can also see other related information like shared pictures, messages, videos, and multimedia contacts.

The main and the most important thing about this application is that it only provides you information related to WhatsApp account but it offers information related to all the activities that a victim performs on his or her phone. You do not have to install different applications to fetch information

There are different features and advantages offered by this application such as:

Track internet usage– this application is considered useful for parents who want to know what their kids surf on the web. You can every day check the web history with its help. If they are watching any wrong content then you can stop them from doing so by blocking the website.

Manage calls– the application is very useful for auto call managing. The app can easily record calls and send those recordings directly into your device. You can even trace the voice of the surrounding areas in all directions.

Track location through GPS– whether you are living abroad or working outside you can easily track the real-time location of your loved through this app. the application will help you catch your cheating spouse if he or she is lying to you and moving around with someone else. The application consists of a GPS location tracker that will help you track not only the target person’s location but the location of your lost phone as well.


So, if you are also in need to spy on your loved one’s WhatsApp activity start using TrackMyPhone now!

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