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Hidden call recorder without them knowing

Record conversation with Track My Phone

Have you ever seen your daughter hiding her cell phone whenever any call comes on her phone? Have you ever thought of asking to whom she talks for hours? No, because most of the parents are busy in their office work that they do not get enough time to ask what their kids are doing. They even do not know what is going on in their child’s life. But, if you anytime find that your daughter is hiding something from you or feeling uncomfortable to tell you about anything that has happened with her then it is best to use a spy on their call details.
Record conversation with Track My Phone
Record conversation with Track My Phone
Now, you will ask how can I spy call details and record the conversations, so to answer your question we have are here with a guide on Track My Phone that will help you record calls instantly. But, before we start on how to use this app let’s know this app.

About Track My Phone

About Track My Phone
About Track My Phone
It is a spying and monitoring app which is also considered a parental control app through which parents can keep eye on their kids. Not only parents but spouses and employers can also spy on their partners and employees call details. However, the application consists of a hidden call recorder that helps you record the conversation done by the suspect. So, if in case your daughter is threatened by someone and she are not comfortable to share this with you then you can record her call conversation. The application is compatible with all devices and works on stealth mode hence you daughter will never come to know that you are recording her call details and conversations.

Features offered by Track My Phone

  1. Call recording– this is the first and most used feature that allows parents, spouses, and employers to record the conversation done by the suspect and another person on call. You can even record the date, time and call duration hence it would be easy for you to prove the person wrong with evidence.
  2. GPS location tracking– with this feature you can track the real-time location of the person wherever he or she is. In addition to this, if you have lost your phone, you can track the location and get your expensive phone back.
  3. Read SMS and text messages– if your spouse uses text messaging service to talk with another person then you can read his or her text messages. The feature also provides you the help to get details of the sender like sender’s name, number and date time when the message was sent.
  4. Track social media sites and apps– if your daughter is using social media sites or apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or any other site then you can instantly track their accounts and read all the IM chats. You don’t have to think much whether they will come to know or not. You can view all the pictures, videos and messages that are sent and received.
  5. Ambient listening– sometimes when we call our spouse or kid and ask him where he is and they say that they are in the coaching and you listen to the huge crowd then it is quite doubting. In this case, you just have to call your spouse or kid listen to the surrounding sound. Thus you will be able to know whether your spouse or kid is lying or not.
  6. Undetectable– as we have mentioned above the application is undetectable, the application works in the background of the device hence your spouse will never come to know whether he is being spied or not.
  7. Compatibility– the application is compatible with all devices whether it’s Android or iPhone. You don’t have to think much about whether your phone will get a virus or not. The application is safe and does not consist of any virus that would damage your phone.
  8. Monitor browsing history– there are times when in the absence of parents, kids watch inappropriate content which is not good for them especially when they are at teenage. Therefore, to check whether they watch cartoon, movies or study related things or not this app is best for you. Now, you can browse the internet history and get all the details.


On the other hand, if we talk about the hidden call recorder, then you just have to install this app on the target device and create a new account. Once you have created the account login to it and turn on the call recorder. Now whenever the suspect person will talk all the conversation will be recorded and you will easily get the call recording at the online control panel available at the official website.
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