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Free GPS Tracker

Free GPS Tracker using TrackMyPhone

Have you found your kid telling you about going coaching and moving somewhere else? Have you got to complain about your kid not attending the classes? If yes, then it is obvious you might be curious to know where your kid is going when he or she is not attending the school and coaching classes. In today’s advanced world nothing is more important than having a smartphone. People especially kids are using it freely no matter what be the consequences of over usage.

Free GPS Tracker using TrackMyPhone

Free GPS Tracker using TrackMyPhone

Being a concerned parent if you want to know which type of friend circle he/she has, whether your kid is in the school or not then having a perfect spy app is the best option. Yes! You heard it right. Technology has given us both negative and positive reviews of everything where smartphones are considered risky for teenagers there on another hand they are considered important for spying as well. When you surf on the web you will find a large number of apps, used mainly for the spying purpose.

These spying applications may consist of GPS location tracker but they won’t be providing you the exact location. But, among all those applications, there is one application that stands out amongst all other apps and i.e. TrackMyPhone App. yes, it is. The application is used by millions of people worldwide who are in need to track the location and other activities without them even know about it. So, let’s get in deep and know about this application in detail from the below-mentioned article.

TrackMyPhone – helping you track exact location now!

TrackMyPhone - helping you track exact location now!

TrackMyPhone – helping you track exact location now!

From the name, itself it is clear that it is a location tracking app that is available with different tracking and monitoring features. With the help of this app, one will not only be able to find the target device and his location but they can even spy on their activity which they perform on their phone. The application is mainly developed and designed for use in all types of devices and operating systems. Hence, if you are thinking it will not work in your android device then you are wrong.

To use this application, you just have to follow few easy steps that are mentioned here-

  • Visit the official website
  • Download the application and install it
  • Create a new account using email ID and password
  • Log in to your account and turn on the GPS tracker

Once you have completed all these steps you can easily start tracking your kids, spouse and employees location without them knowing. The GPS location tracker will also help you in searching the lost phone that you have kept in the shop and forgot.

Other features of TrackMyPhone

On the other hand, this application even includes a few other features also that enable users to monitor other activities as well. The features include-

Spy internet history– if you are in need to know what your kid or spouse is searching on the web, you can take the help of this spying application. The application will help you spy over the browsing history and will let you know what your kid has searched on the web. You can even block the adult websites so that your kids won’t be able to open them anytime in your absence.

Read messages and chats– if your kid is using social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook or any other site, then with this application you can easily read their messages and chats done. There is no need of asking them for their account password, just use this app and hack all the details.

Keylogger- this is one of the amazing features that you can use to crack all the security passwords target person has used in his or her phone and other social media accounts.

100% undetectable– when you want that your spouse should never come to know; that you were spying on him or her, then this application is of great help. The application is completely undetectable and works on hidden mode. So you can freely spy on their activities.

24 hours customer support service– if you have any problem with the application or you are unable to understand any of its functions or features you can take the help of customer support service team. They are available for their customers 24 hours while providing the best services in return.


Thus, we can say that TrackMyPhone is an amazing application that is mainly developed for people to care about their loved ones and wants to protect them from getting into wrong activities without them knowing.

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