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Free GPS tracker without installing on target phone

Get Best Free GPS tracking without installing on target phone

Do you wish to locate a phone? If yes then using GPS tracker is the only way to trace a phone! To track a phone without installing anything on target phone might seem complicated to you but it is very simple if you make use of Track My Phone GPS tracker. This app is needed to be installed only in your device and no need to install it in the target phone. The best thing is that when you don’t install anything on the target phone then the risk of getting detected is very low or nil.

Get Best Free GPS tracking without installing on target phone

Get Best Free GPS tracking without installing on target phone

Why tracking the location of the phone

Did our kid go somewhere without telling you? In such a case, parents become so worried and tensed and they simply run to police even though the matter is not so serious. For every now and then you cannot disturb police if your kids run away somewhere without telling you. They are naughty and innocent but tracking their phone is the best way to find out where they are and in what condition they are. You can create a Geofencing so that kids when out of the safe zone or cross the safer zone you come to know about it.

Track My Phone App- Best Free GPS tracking without installing on target phone

Track My Phone App- Best Free GPS tracking without installing on target phone

Track My Phone App- Best Free GPS tracking without installing on target phone

This is the best GPS Tracker app which is used worldwide and there are so many people who have benefited from its use. The users have used and given their positive response towards this app which made it famous and reliable app in the market. There are many features in this app and all these features have different functions which record different activities of the target phone. So, when you use the GPS tracker feature then you can record the present position of the target phone. Also, you can see the history of the location of the target phone and see the name of the location.

To run this app and to track the phone location you have to follow some steps as discussed below-

  • Install the Track My Phone App from (
  • Run the Track My Phone app on your Android or IOS device
  • Sign up on Track My Phone and make the user account & password
  • Continue by Logging in with the same account
  • Fill in target device details like phone number, name, age, etc
  • Click on ‘track’ or ‘spy’ option and wait until you receive notification
  • You will be notified when the target device is tracked successfully

The user then can easily see the hacked device activity and the recorded content from his control panel. The user can open the GPS tracker and see the location of the target device and also they can control the target device using this spy app.

Features of Track My Phone

  • Call recorder– When you want to listen to target person’s voice calls then by activating call recorder you can record all calls and hear the conversation easily. Track My Phone offers high-quality call recording feature and thus, you can listen to very words spoken on call very clearly.
  • Browser history spy– Browsed content of target phone can be traced easily using this feature. The user can also see cleared search history and also they are given the option to block sites.
  • Instant messages spy– You can trace the instant messenger chats like WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype chats. The voice and video calls made using the IM can also be recorded. The shared media, date and time, etc are the details which you can easily collect using this app.
  • Social media account spy– The social media accounts of the target person and his activity can be easily tracked using Track My Phone App. You can see the passwords, chats, saved content, searched content and many more things.


So, all of the features which are offered in Track My Phone App are very useful and easy to use. The user should read the user guide in case they are unable to get the functioning of this app. There is also help and support center which offers help to clear all your queries. Now, you might release all your stress and tensions because this app will make you up to date about all the activities of your loved ones.

You will not only be monitoring your loved ones but you will be controlling them through their phone so half of the tensions of yours will vanish. No matter you are in which corner of the world you will still be close to your loved ones. They cannot lie to you, they cannot cheat you! So, don’t let your kids or spouse do what they want and get them in danger. Keep eyes on them and control them.

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