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Facebook Spy

Facebook Spy using TrackMyPhone – discover all that you want

TrackMyPhone today has become high in demand among the very large numbers of hackers because of its effective functioning. This tracking tool lets one in viewing all the chat conversations, friend list, status and posts updates etc of the victim Facebook account. All the extracted details will be available on the control panel of the hacking tool. This way all the doubts will be cleared easily within no time.

Facebook Spy using TrackMyPhone - discover all that you want

Facebook Spy using TrackMyPhone – discover all that you want

Why to spy over Facebook using spy app

The spy app is having awesome features that allow one on spying over the victim device easily. Facebook hack is one among those features that let a hacker in easily knowing all the Facebook chats and media shared on the targeted device. With the access of the feature, one can completely spy over Facebook account. A hacker will easily get all the details of the victim with whom chatting is going on along with full info.

TrackMyPhone App helps one to spy the Facebook easily and see all the activities done over it. The content uploaded, friend list, conversation, multimedia files shared and received, posted comments, likes, shares etc will be easily discovered. The targeted person device will be able to get all the information right away. All the details will be uploaded at the control, panel of the wizard from which user can get the details. 

Catch cheating partner- Might be the loving partner have noticed few changes in the behavior and attitude of the partner and is no more as earlier she/he use to be. The partners are returning late to home and are not having dinner and gossip. Here comes the need for using the spy too to figure out what’s going on actually. Is he/she not cheating partner? Everything will be discovered.

Catching the activities of kids- using Facebook has become common among the children. It could be like that the children are keeping something hidden from the parents and are not ready to share. In this case, parents become worried that what thing they are hiding. A question like why they are not ready to share things, with whom are they engaged over Facebook etc hits the mind. Here also comes the need for spying the Facebook account of kids to see all they are doing without permission.

How to spy the Facebook account

How to spy the Facebook account

How to spy the Facebook account

In order to get the phone spy app installed into own device, downloading the app from the official site TrackMyPhone.NET becomes a must. Install the app into the device that you want to monitor. Now open up the app that you would like to monitor. But do not forget to create a user account when running the app. fill in the device name. Login in to the device app with all essential details like email and password. Now you can easily do the monitoring of the app.

Some of the features of the spy app to know

  • GPS tracker This is an essential feature that spy phone app is providing that lets you in tracking device location in real time to know real position of the individual. One can get the person’s location over the map so that no difficulty is faced in finding the real position of the victim.  Also, this is good for finding the stolen or lost device.
  • SMS spying This feature of the tracking tool allows the hacker to spy over the SMS of the device of the targeted user. The app helps one in tracking down the text messages that are sent, received, edited or deleted. This feature is considered to be one of the best tracking tool features that give all info accurately like, date, time, content and person details.
  • Calls spying Spying over the call is the best way with which one can easily spy over the calls of the targeted person. A hacker can come to know with complete details that with whom is talking going on and on which matter. The app will help the hacker in getting all the details like dialed and received callings. All the call details are received easily like date, time, duration, the person involved etc. thus; all the doubts will be cleared easily in no time.
  • Calls recording This feature helps one in getting the call recording done over the particular number when is made or received.  A user will get all the calls recording without cuts of voice with full clarity. The phone call recordings can be done in real time. Just set the number for call recording and as the call is made or received, automatically recording will begin.


There are many more features to share of TrackMyPhone app. To get all details of Facebook activities of victim use this tool and have a stress free life with all doubts clearing easily.

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