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Use TrackMyPhone for Free Call Tracker

There is a huge increase in the activities of people, performing on different devices especially on smartphones. However, to maintain the safety of your kids and loved one’s smartphones are also an important way. Therefore, to make sure that the benefits of smartphones do not turn out as harmful to your kids and loved ones, it is important to take a few considerable steps. Once among those considerable steps are spy apps.

Use TrackMyPhone for Free Call Tracker
Use TrackMyPhone for Free Call Tracker

There are various spying and monitoring applications available that can help you and support you while keeping the safety of your loved ones. However, it would be easy for you to all the smartphone tracking features at one time. To know with whom your kid or spouse is talking and what he/ she is talking it is best to use a call tracker feature. Today, TrackMyPhone, a popular and amazing spying application is offering free call tracker feature that users can use to track the call logs and other details of the target person.

You might have noticed your spouse or kid talking to someone on call while standing alone on the terrace or inside the room and when you go near them they get nervous. If this kind of thing is going on in your house also and you feel that your spouse is talking to another person it is best to use this app. It will help you know with whom your husband or wife is talking to. Not only this, you can even record those calls and listen to all the conversation done between your spouse and another person.

Features offered by TrackMyPhone app

Features offered by TrackMyPhone app

Features offered by TrackMyPhone app

Manage and track calls– when you are checking your spouse call history in his or her and finds nothing then this could be suspicious. But with the help of this app, you can retrieve the call history of your spouse’s smartphone. You can also be able to access other related information. You can even check the exact time and call duration with the help of this app.

Track text messages– the application helps users to easily keep a track on all the text messages that are sent and received by the victim on his/her phone. In addition to it, you can also get access to other information related to text messages. The information includes the sender’s name, messaging timing and other details.

Track the location– with its help you can track the exact location of the suspect phone. If in case your phone is lost then you can easily find it with the help of GPS location tracker available with this application. Thus, you can find the past as well as the real-time location of the person effortlessly.

Access to social media sites– there are different means of communication available in today’s world. If you cannot talk on call or through text messages you can create an account on social media sites. There are different social media sites available where you can create your account and chat with friends. If you find that your spouse or kid is chatting with a stranger and you wanna know what they are talking then this application is the right option.

Phone call recording– if you want to record the conversation as a memory or evidence then this application can help you record the conversations. The application consists of a call recorder that will help you record the call details and conversations. Hence, whenever you want to listen to those conversations you can listen to them.

Notifications and alerts– you cannot keep your phone in your hand every time, therefore if you want that you should get the details of every minute than this application can help you a lot. It provides you every minute detail as notifications and alerts.

Undetectable– the application remains undetected hence the target person will never come to know that someone is tracking his or her calls.

How to use this application

To use this application you first have to visit the official website through the given link TrackMyPhone.NET. Now start downloading the application, once the downloading process is over you can start the installation process. After this create an account and login with it. Now open the application and visit the control panel of the website. Here at the control panel, you can turn on the call tracker option now whenever the target will make any call it will be tracked in this spying and tracking application.


So, now we are pretty sure that you have understood how useful is using TrackMyPhone app for the users who are in need to track calls of the suspect person.

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