Track My Phone Software: How to?

There are multiple reasons why many people are asking “how could I track my phone -or someone else’s phone?” For example, those involved with a lot of traveling work, who are the most prone to lose their mobile.

But there are other -let’s say, unmentionable (?)- reasons for feeling interested in a phone tracker. One of the main motives being to find out whether or not one’s husband or wife is having a love affair.

GPS capability

In order to track someone’s movements, you need to make use of the GPS. This is a common feature in most smartphones and one that you will require for continuous tracking.

Also, to get a good grasp of this subject, it is recommended that you visit some tracking websites, to try their software. Though real time tracking is not rocket science, you will be required to install an application, as a minimum.

Mapping interface

You should also make use of the mapping interface. This is how you will get complete access to the other person’s phone and make the best use of it (one of the easiest ways to monitor your kids’ activities, as well). Just be aware of your local applicable laws, as there are instances where those ones carrying out such “espionage” have been sued for privacy infringement.

Software installation

In order to perform this operation, you need to target the other person’s cell phone. That would take about ten minutes and only as an exception you may be required to have access to the password or PIN or locking code.

To avoid malware issues, be careful to download your selected software from an authenticated website.

Advantages of tracking software

  • The best part is that you can hear everything, word for word, and take immediate actions. Maybe your partner is telling you that he uses to play golf on Sunday evenings. Now, with the aid of this mapping software, you can easily check whether he is playing golf or enjoying with some other lady miles away from the club.
  • This “track my phone” aplications have got an aditional feature that is great for this purpose: You get to see all the text messages that have been sent by/to your partner (this works even after message deletion)
  • Naturally, this software provides you with plenty of details: such as duration of calls, the contact numbers that are being called frequently and call timing as well

It is easy to understand why apps such as Track my phone are gaining so huge popularity. One of the main reasons is that the installation process and tracking service are quite straightforward. Besides, all the data that is being tracked remains confidential -there is no need for nosy local “detectives” anymore! Speaking of detectives… (video below)


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  1. Hope it works

  2. Yes you can. As long as you have email set up on the phone. And it downloads dielctry. But I prefer to use the web base mail application to download the files. So if you use Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail, use the applications that are from the mobile Internet, not the mail app integrated into the phone. But truth be told, I’m not sure if Google or Hotmail does it because I use Yahoo. But I’m almost certain they work.Sorry I get off the topic down here/ / /And as much as I love the iPhone. It doesn’t download ANYTHING dielctry from Safari (unless you jailbreak it, which I did XD), except for images. Everything is through App Store, Mobile iTunes, or iTunes on a computer, and it isn’t even free! Except for Apps and Podcasts. I’m not hating on the iPhone, I’m just pointing out the flaws.Hope this helps

    • Call your carrier. The phone only has A-GPS which means that it reuqires the network assistance in location tracking. Most carriers can track the phone IF its still on the network. However, many will require your companies approval since they issued it and/or a court order to do so or a police emergency

  3. Actually, NO !! Unless yours is found by the serial nbuemr, but what are the chances . They are one of the most stolen items from cars this year. Don’t leave your car with one in sight.!! Even with just the suction cup window mount, your car may be broken into, thinking your GPS may be under the seat, or in the glove compartment..

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